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     Post-Apocalyptic gaming experience!  Build your village! Plunder resources for survival!
The few survivors of the zombie outbreak have formed a community to gain a brief moment of peace.It is not long however, until a battle for survival against humanity erupts.
The survivors soon realize that controlling and using the zombies themselves are the only way to survive against rival human colonies.
You will develop zombies to attack rival survivors for their resources! Human survivors bitten by your zombies are contaminated with pathogens! These victims will revive as the undead the attack their former friends!
As you can expect, the more populous a colony that is infected by your zombies is, the more violent the outbreak will be!
Use careful planning when devolopping your own colony.
Undead Factory is a unique strategy game (RTS) in which you can contaminate the survivors of rival colonies using zombies.
Undead Factory provides you with a unique strategy game experience.
<Game features>■Post-Apocalyptic world■Free-to-play MMO RTS game■Strategy game featuring the mass infection of zombies■Story set in a unique universe■"Contagion system" that causes the zombie pandemic■Massive number of zombies on the map at once■Develop your colony and form a community of survivors■Hi-speed rendering and realistic graphics■Join a guild and support your allies■Online MMO RTS battles with other players ■Develop 14 unique zombie units■100 unique single-player campaign maps